Accommodation and Places to Stay in La Paz – the Pearl by the Sea

Our hotel selection in La Paz is below. La Paz, and the Sea of Cortez were referred to by Jacques Cousteau as the world’s aquarium. La Paz is the gateway and colonial harbour city. I myself (Kevin) refer to it as the Mexican Los Cabos. It is full of beautiful national tourists wandering the promenade, young bright students from its Universities and interesting nightlife. It is popular, it is fantastic, but it does not have a lot of accommodation. We include the best of the accommodation available for quality and location. We will take care of you as we choose one of these options for based on availability on these dates.

Hotel Palmira in La Paz (Included)

This hotel has been in La Paz for a long time but all rooms were renovated in 2015 so you will think it is new. Set back from the sea by a block it offers a 5 to 10 minute walk along the Malecon to the colonial center of La Paz.

Club El Moro in La Paz (Included)

A With its Moorish architecture, wide gardens, Jacuzzi, pool, palapa bar and amenities Club El Moro is perfect spot to relax and to enjoy the beautiful colonial harbor area of La Paz. It is right on the end of the Malecon.

La Posada De Las Flores in La Paz (Included)

Accommodation in La Paz

This is a small boutique hotel which again is located along the Malecon. The architecture here is colonial Spanish. Much like Club El Moro, La Posada is a unique attraction in itself. Only it is even smaller and exclusive.