Experience the Mexican Baja with Originality, Service, and Personal Activities

Included – Convenience, Accommodation, Transport, Excursions, Cultural Activities with Friends, Personal Introductions, Beaches, Desert Ranches, Treks, Meals, and Local Secrets.

7 Day Adventure

Experience the Real Mexico as you are introduced personally to local friends and families on our 7-Day Guided Tour.

You will be invited into people’s homes, workplaces and ranches.  You will hang out together while you participate in activities with them. This is our concept of cultural interaction and friendship.  You will also experience many of the natural wonders of the Baja. We throw in the Grey Whale Adventure. You won’t want to miss swimming or visiting with the incredible, yet docile, Whale Sharks (4 to 9 meters in length). Interact with Marine Life, Forests, Oasis, Natural Springs Mountain Biospheres, Desert Landscapes and the people who live there.

9 Day Adventure

As with our 7 day tour we include the Grey Whales and the Coroscos Ranch Adventure on our 9-Day Guided Tour.

More days, more options, more relaxed. All the natural wonders of the 7 day tour. Consider Coroscos, a crumbling adobe village of about 120 people, (formerly 700 in the sugar cane years) is a cornerstone of our tour. We will introduce you to many locals and you will see and participate in their traditional way of life, in town and at the ranch. Internet arrived 2 years ago at one home, the streets are made of stone, and streetlights just arrived. On this tour, you will also have time to visit the desert hot springs, population one. You will have more time for activities with our friends and their families.

11 Day Adventure

More time in the Magic Village of Todos Santos with new friends and/or other options on our 11-Day Guided Tour.

More cultural activities and Pacific Beaches. You might decide on extra relax time in La Paz and the Sea of Cortez. You may adventure with Chito to the mountain biosphere, population zero, above the desert.  Or you could experience the pristine area of Cabo Pulmo, a small hamlet of 80 people who have fought tenaciously to protect their hard coral reef, the only one in North America. This now national park has fully recovered and teems with abundant marine life populations. And of course you won’t miss the highlights of the 7 day tour. You have options with this 11 day version.

Authentic Mexican Culture

Experience the Real Mexico on your Guided Tour!

  • Unique Life Experiences and Activities with Mexican Families and Friends
  • Guided Tours of Todos Santos and the Baja with groups of 7 or less (or larger private groups). Private translator.
  • Specializing in families. Families with young children. Adventurous couples or groups
  • The Grey Whales are in their bays to give birth or to mate from late Dec. to late March.
  • You may choose to swim with the Whale Sharks and Sea Lions from the end of Oct. to May.
  • Traditional Adobe and Stone Village – “Coroscos” A Day in the life of the 1850s – Personal Interaction
  • Desert Ranch Activity: Milk the goats, make cheese, make tortillas and then Quesadillas over the fire.

Your Hosts:

Hi from Kevin: I might say that I arrived in Todos Santos because of sports injuries from hockey, soccer and skiing. With this in mind I found that yoga helped so I signed up for a 26 day training course/vacation on the beach near the Cerritos surf. It was during this stay that we visited Todos Santos and it took about an hour for me to decide not to go home. … read more 

Hola from Diana: I will tell you that Kevin made me move here from Colombia 3 years ago. I miss Colombia but living in Todos Santos and British Colombia Canada is preventing me from going back. I never thought that I would leave. I was a city living woman and I never realized that life was more than the buildings and cars and stress of the city. … read more 

What’s new with us

Guided active cultural adventures for couples, small groups, families, and adventurers

Our Philosophy: We offer you comfort in a new kind of tourism where you meet the people of Mexico and the destination. Our Guided Tours are made up of small groups (2-7 persons, or private). The fact that we live here allows us to introduce you to our personal friends, a close group of Mexican people living in small communities. We start with a welcome dinner and invite some of our friends to meet you. Almost every activity we have to offer you is led by someone in our local group. You will also  meet the artists, fisherman, ranchers, artisans and many other Mexican people in the Baja California Sur, not just waiters or staff at all Inclusives, on cruise ships or on bus tours. We design custom adventure tours in the Mexican Baja with grey whales, whale sharks, ranchers, our friends, and more!  We Get People out of 5 Star Hotels, off of Cruise Ships and off of Big Bus Tours.

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