Baja Tours Mexico Excursions

Enjoying a trip to the Baja with family and friends is the best way to experience what Mexico has to offer. Here are some of our favourite excursions here at Baja Tours Mexico!

1850 Coroscos – Real Life Traditional Adobe Mountain Village

We have met a few locals that will show you how life was and largely still is in their little isolated oasis and combined towns of 350 people. Cobblestone streets and adobe homes are the norm and some are crumbling. You will meet Victor, you will visit his uncle and aunt at their ranch and you will meet his family, the neighbours and the local winemaker.

We and our clients love Coroscos on its own for its completely peaceful atmosphere in the mountains under the stars. Walking through the little sugar cane fields and the vineyard and stock corals and abandoned buildings and stone streets and jails, we translate a living history as Diego explains nature here and talks about his own life and family. He talks about the traditions and history of Coroscos and its daily 1850s life while he actually shows it to you.

$325 to $450 value. With Baja Tours Mexico it’s included free in your tour!

Lopez Mateos Bay: Grey Whales Sightseeing

In Lopez Mateos we are pleased to work with the local fishing cooperative. They are proud of their controlled interaction with the grey whales and also of their management, supervision and caretaking of the fish, lobster and other marine species. This includes the spawning grounds of the Marlin species. They’d like to tell you about how they do things and show you a bit of their town.

  • One of 3 principal bays of the Grey Whale Mating season
  • Home to whale festival in February
  • Home to numerous species of migratory birds
  • Play in the sand dunes on the other side of the Bay.
  • Regular Price: $120 USD no transport. $220 to $255 USD with transport. Again, with Baja Tours Mexico it’s included free in our tours.

Swim with Whale Sharks and Sea Lions, Perfect Beach Stop and Kayak Balandra Bay

  • All day. Swim with Whale Sharks and snorkel at the sea lion colony.
  • We contract our own boat and captain.  Marlin Escabeche and ceviche on a boat accessible beach. Soft drinks, snorkel gear, wetsuits, extra guide and extra time included. Kayak at Iconic Balandra Bay.
  • With a private boat. 5 to 1 ratio of guide to client. We add time so you can enjoy the day and wildlife without hurrying. We make sure that you have a super natural experience.
  • You pay a discounted price.

This full day excursion from Todos Santos is a principal option with all yoga retreats.

Lorenzo’s and Martina’s Ranch – Make Cheese, Tortillas and Quesadillas

“This is one of my favorite mornings everytime (Kevin). Up at six to go to the ranch. The fire has to be started in the dirt floor, palm roof kitchen, the coffee put on and the goats rounded up. You will spend the morning marvelling at these warm people with their genuine laughter, and their genuine love of life on their humble ranch. It is a privilege to be here with them. You will round up the goats, milk them, , make cheese, make tortillas by hand with Martina, make quesadillas over the open kitchen fire, learn about the care of the ranch animals and ask a million questions that Diego and Lorenzo and Martina and others will answer.” – Kevin

Included Free on All 7 to 11 Day Tours

Tour Isla Espiritu International Marine Park

Explore Isla Espiritu, and watch ocean wildlife just a short distance from the shores. You may meet humpback whales, sea turtles, dolphins, manta rays, or other marine life. 5-6 hours.

  • Snorkel at the largest Sea Lion Colony, at two Coral Reefs, Turtle Bays, Sea Birds, Geographic Features, Uninhabited Tiny Beaches, Marlin Escabeche and Lunch on the Beach.
  • Unesco World Heritage Site Marine Research Area.
  • Explanation of the Ecosystem, Science, Wildlife, History and Marine Industry of Isla Espiritu. One of our guides may be a marine biologist.
  • You pay a discounted price.

This full day excursion from Todos Santos is a principal option with all yoga retreats.

Mountain Biosphere Tours in the Sierra Lagunas

  • About a 25 minute drive inland from the coast you will encounter a strabge phenomenon, the Sierra Laguna Mountain Range. In these mountains there is a high altitude natural aquifer that holds the rainwater from the August, September monsoons. The result is a beautiful and incredible mixed deciduous, tropical and pine forest high above the desert.
  • 4-5 hour hike or ride a mule instead. If you camp on the 11 Day Option, we supply all the gear and food, but not the mules.

$50 USD Mulero per group (necessary)
$50 USD / Pack mule per group (1 for each 3 people – necessary).
$50 USD per person for each extra mule ridden.
We give you a credit of $15 per mule per person.

Included as Free Option on 9 and 11 Day Tours

Cabo Pulmo – Fun on the Water

The local family operators are the true locals of Cabo Pulmo. Their families lived here long before the little Cabo Pulmo became a resort hamlet as opposed to a tiny fishing village. They are now co-owners of two snorkeling, whale watching, and kayaking businesses and can arrange scuba diving as well.

We will introduce you to and recommend you to either of the local family operators’ outlets and will present you to the local dive operators as well. As for accommodation we work with several of the family owned small cabana options

We will be happy to discuss this option with you on the 11 day tours. It is not feasible with shorter itineraries.

Pricing for Optional Cabo Pulmo Activities

Cabo Pulmo: Snorkeling Boat Tour (may see whales) $45

Snorkeling via boat combined with whale watching. Swim with a large school of 1000s of fish. The whale watching is limited is closer to shore than the strictly whale watching option.. Includes 4 snorkel sites, deep water swim with large schools of fish and swimming with seals sea lions. 4 to 8 people per boat maximum.

Cabo Pulmo: Whale Watching/Humpbacks $45

Whale watching for Humpback whales in Cabo Pulmo. This tour is more extensive and focuses solely on visiting the whales at closer and further sightings.

Cabo Pulmo: Diving Varies

Boat dives are available here on a magnificient coral reef. We are not involved in this activity at all. You will arrange this on your own if you are interested.

Cabo Pulmo: Snorkel and Deep Sea Fish Limit 3 People. $195 (for the boat)

See Marlin, Dorado, Tuna, Wahoo. 2 snorkel sites, 4 hours total

Cabo Pulmo: Snorkel and Deep Sea Fish Limit 3 People. $195 (for the boat)

See Marlin, Dorado, Tuna, Wahoo. 2 snorkel sites, 4 hours total

Cabo Pulmo: Deep Sea Fishing Only $195 (for the boat)

Limit 3 People. Fish for Marlin, Dorado, Tuna, Wahoo. 4 hours.

Coroscos – Hexagon Caves Hike

This can be part of your stay at Coroscos. These amazing caves overlook a large arroyo/wash in a desert mountain backdrop. This an easy to intermediate hike, one hour to the top. Beginners can do it.

Included Free on All Tours