Your Hosts

Your guides and translators during your trip

Hi from Kevin

I might say that I arrived in Todos Santos because of sports injuries from hockey, soccer and skiing. With this in mind I found that yoga helped so I signed up for a 26 day training course/vacation on the beach near the Cerritos surf. It was during this stay that we visited Todos Santos and it took about an hour for me to decide not to go home.

I retired from teaching in Canada at the age of 46 but when I moved to the Baja I discovered that I wasn’t finished. Providing a historic tour of Todos Santos with a guest, explaining and translating Diego’s passion for his traditional lifestyle in his little village, repeating a joke that Chito made at his ranch, or explaining the procedure and general facts for people swimming with the whale sharks, is still teaching. And it is really fun!

I also continue to teach grades one through six in Mexico. I teach reading to the grades two and three classes. I am often accompanied by a friend as we each take one child at a time and go read behind the school. I also co-teach physical education with my friend who lives right beside us and who you are sure to meet and love.

I guess I’ve given up skiing in Canada but I’ve taken up tennis with Alfonso in Mexico. I’ve traded in the snow for the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Bays and concerts in Calgary for concerts in our central town square or salsa nights at La Morena. I simply love the people that I hang with here and the amazing nature, friendships and culture that we share. Life here is always exciting and entertaining and it is real!!

Hola from Diana

I will tell you that Kevin made me move here from Colombia 3 years ago. I miss Colombia but living in Todos Santos and British Colombia Canada is preventing me from going back. I never thought that I would leave. I was a city living woman and I never realized that life was more than the buildings and cars and stress of the city. Kevin and Todos Santos have showed me that life is more than working in an office. Life is to enjoy, take a break in front of the ocean, drink some beers with your friends, feel god in every person, tree, fish, cliff and campfire.

I have discovered how to live here and to do things that I never thought that I could do like help out at Raquel’s cooking class. The things that I love about Todos Santos are the beach, my friends, the restaurants, the historic buidings, the variety of local people and activities, and that you can meet people from all over the world in this little town.

I love my family and country in Colombia but now I have family in Mexico and Canada too. I will be happy to be your host and to show you my new country and my new friends.