We help Yoga Teachers or individuals design retreats for their friends and students

We are based in the Magic Village of Todos Santos to which many labels apply, including “Yoga Center”. Kevin taught yoga here for 6 years and then we organized our friends and we started offering tours, excursions and activities with our local friends.

Providing our tours of the Baja and living for years in Todos Santos we have worked out the logistics and cultural interactions required to provide you with a Uniquely Customized Baja Yoga Experience.

We offer various options for food, accommodation, settings, studios, cultural interactions, excursions, activities with locals… etc. Everything is personalized.

Thank you sincerely,
Kevin and Diana


  • You may be an instructor or maybe not. You have 5 or more interested friends, families or yoga students who would like to visit the Baja California Sur.
  • We work with teachers at Emiliano Zapato Elementary School near Todos Santos. We hope to discuss an invitation for you and your group.
  • You are flexible in developing a retreat with us via a friendly discussion with Kevin.

Email –  todosactivities@gmail.com
Call Canada – 1- 403 607 5082  or 1- 587 432 2881

Hi from Kevin Zentner

I teach what I call practical yoga. Having taught physical education for so long, I naturally teach yoga with a similar style. In sports we teach with a focus on modelling and learning what the body does from the feet up. In yoga I focus from the head down: Meditation, Pranayama, and opening up vertebrae and joints. I love discussing the purpose of yoga, its benefits and how to get the most out of each asana. My favorite part though is practical meditation and guided visualizations. We start with meditation and by visualizing settings, like mountain settings or rock concerts. To finish we then come back to our visualization or meditation focus in Savasana.

I am the former owner/operator of Summer Fun Sports Camps in Canada and an Experienced Teacher from Grades 3 to 8. At age 46, I moved to the Baja, living 2.5 months at the Yandara Training Center on the beach and then teaching yoga in a public square in downtown Todos Santos. I went to daily classes with teachers in the area, on the beaches, in community centers, in yoga teacher’s homes and wherever a teacher would let me take notes. It is a great way to get to know the yoga community. Come join us!

Kevin Zentner