Real Mexican Cultural Interaction

During your adventure you’ll meet our friends and get to experience some amazing Mexican Culture, while you participate in many fun and interesting things to do in Todos Santos. From making ice-cream, to private mescal tastings, to making your own blanket, you’ll learn and make new friends at the same time.


Included Half-Day Ranch Activity

  • Learn, enjoy, participate, communicate
  • Start the fire and make coffee
  • Round up the Goats and milk them
  • Make Cheese with Lorenzo
  • Make tortillas by hand with Martina
  • Quesadillas on the open kitchen fire
  • Hosted by Victor, Martina, Lorenzo, and Kevin
  • Make friends in a traditional culture

Free Inclusion with Tour (see more details). Regularly Included in Coroscos Tour at $450 per person.

Mexican Cooking Class with Raquel Aguilera

Raquel and her family of 7 are very special to us and we love that you are going to meet them. Raquel will be preparing your welcome dinner and attending with her family. She is also going to offer a cooking class for you in our kitchen. Chile’s en Nogada (crushed almond sauce), molé poblano from scratch (her mom’s recipe), flan and Horchata (local drink). You will be able to make all of these dishes to impress when you get home. Raquel has had a five star response from our guests.

$45 per person with tour = 20% off. Regular Price $55 to $70 (meal included)


Family Temascal with Justina and Margarito

“Justina was unlucky or luck enough to be my first yoga student” -Kevin. Justina and Margarito have nine children aged 34 to 11 so they use their small wood fired sweatlodge a lot. All of their children live in the Pescadero/Todos Santos area. Justina and Margarito are genuine, delightful, extremely welcoming and attentive to your needs. You will enjoy meeting them and we will translate for you.

  • Justina and Margarito have a small family temascal which holds 2 people. They offered it to us and we asked them to offer it to you.
  • Either Justina or Margarito or one of their family will look after you. This is a truly special experience to share this time with them.

$25 with Tour.


Ice Cream Making with Antonio and Flor

For my 50th birthday Antonio taught me to make ice cream so that I could supply it for my own party. He even let me bring along our house guest from New Zealand. Antonio had us cutting up fruit, dicing herbs and putting popsicle sticks into the paletas at what we thought was high speed. The cream and sugar were the easy parts. It was a lot of fun and we learned a lot.

I also learned a few days later when Antonio left me alone to make paletas that it wasn’t so easy to do by yourself. 32 traditional and current recipes including tequila/pineapple/ habanero, cactus fruit, lemon pie, chocolate cake and cookies and cream.

$10 with Tour. Regular Price $17.50 to $25.00


Local Hikes led by us or a Friend

Beach and Cliff Hike to Las Palmitas

Within minutes you will have a high view of the bay of Punto Lobos and with an early start you will see the fishing boats trail out from the beach into the Pacific. Turn around and continue to the panoramic views over the Pacific cliffs and of the waves below as they crash into the rocky powerful crags and intlets below. Continue to Bahia Algodon (Cotton Bay) and learn what drove the historic economy here. When you arrive at the spectacular beach of Las Palmas Oasis, you will realize that you have just combined cliffs, vistas, crashing waves and historic insights with the beach.

Disappearing Falls and Canyon Hike

This one is a 25 minute drive to trailhead out in the desert, where you will meet the magic waterfall that disappears when it lands on the canyon floor. Wooooh!. It is really cool and the drive is fun too. A little bouldering happens for the first five minutes and then it gets easy as you follow the stream through the wide sand floored canyon above the falls. When you get to the next rock wall and falls you have to boulder again for two minutes. This is easy stuff but NOT for people that have any mobility issues. Beginner hikers that are athletes, yes!

 Visit Chito’s Ranch and hike the valley stream/canyon.

If you’ve done our historic tour, then your visit to Chitos 4th generation ranch will bring it to life for you. His mother, grandmother, and great grandfather were born and raised here. This is original ranch settlers lifestyle hauling water from the nearby creek, collecting firewood every 2nd day, and living off the land here at the foot of the Sierra Laguna Mountains. Doña Isabelle and Chito’s sisters will tell you about it. Sit around a bit and enjoy the historic old time ranch and then we will start the hike. We are there to translate, or maybe not!

From the house we follow their canyon with its ranch history, huge fruit trees, other trees and greenery. The vistas stretch all the way back to the ocean as we gain elevation. This is a moderately strenuous hike that kids can do. There is no exposure or bouldering required. Just following the trail. You may have to walk the last 15 minutes to trailhead as the access roads are unruly.

Included Free with Tour. Regular Price $35 + $5 for pick up vehicle.


Mexican Blanket Making with Justina and Margarito

You may already have met Justina and Margarito or some of their family at their small temascal. You see them here at their loom (Telar) with their youngest daughter. They are also modelling some of the blankets they make and you will have time to make a small blanket if you like. They will be happy to teach you and we will translate.

Half of the class fee is waived if you buy a blanket. If you would like more time to make a small blanket you can rent the telar from them for $12 USD per hour after your class. Includes materials and supervision. This lesson includes materials and you can work longer on the loom if you need to.

$12.50 with Tour. Regular Price $20 to $30


Silver Jewelry Design with Rafael Brilanti

Rafael will demonstrate how he designs and produces silver jewelery. Designing and making jewelry has been in the Brilanti family for a long time. Rafael has agreed to give you a demonstration of the process of turning his designs into beautiful hand crafted rings, necklaces, ear- rings broaches and more. To see him work is a real privilege. Take a look at his website.


Art Gallery Tour and Artist Introductions with Various Artists

Todos Santos is the home to numerous painters, sculptors, potters and artists in general. We will take you on a tour at no cost. We will also do our best to introduce you to some of the artists and we can visit their workshops.



Historic Tour

Kevin usually does this tour in 2.5 to 3 hours while walking around the small downtown and explaining the old deteriorating artifacts at the Cultural Center. We won’t spoil it. The history of Todos Santos and the Baja are both fascinating and surprising and the old historic buildings are mostly still there.



Other Local Activities like Turtle Release, Local Music Scene, Free Concerts, Yoga, Tai Chi, Martial Arts, Zumba, Mountain Biking, and Art Galleries

We pay for one class per day for activities such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Zumba, Drum Workshops, Martial Arts and other activities that are happening every day. We have an amazing community yoga center that you can easily walk to. For some activities we will translate if you ask. If you are interested in local mountain biking we can also serve as your guides at no charge. You will need to rent bikes locally (bike rental not included).

There is almost always live music somewhere on weekends between December and late March. Venues are local restaurants, hotels, the historic theatre or in the Zocolo (town square).

Included (one class per day)


Private Mezcal Tasting with Noel and Rachel

Noel comes to Todos Santos from the State of Guerrero one of the mezcal producing states of Mexico. In 2013, he and his wife, Rachel started their local business as sellers of ancestral mezcal – a 100% organic, small-batch, agave-based spirit that long preceded Tequila. Noel will tell you the story of mezcal in his family and in Mexico. You can taste the varieties of this enchanting spirit straight, or try them in cocktails.

Noel’s knowledge of ancient Mexico, her native peoples, and their use of agave make this a rich cultural experience. He is passionate about Native Mexican history and philosophy, and can give you an insight into Mexican culture. He’s been the leader of Aztec dance groups for 20 years and can give lessons on this ancient form of prayer through movement. He is also a fantastic cook and can serve you some original dishes and salsas (Mexican sauces).

We will introduce you personally.