# of Travellers Price per Each
7+ People # Max/Guide $1,695
6 People $1,795
5 People $1,895
4 People $2,045
3 People ** $2,195 or less
2 People * (Private) $2,525 or $2,100

** If we can join groups of 2 we refund you $400. We will not exceed our standard of 7 as a maximum size. You must notify us on booking if you would like us to try place you with others.

Itineraries must be flexible to consider wind conditions for activities in La Paz. If we have a great forecast to swim with the whale sharks and sea lions and enjoy Balandra, we may modify a day to take advantage of it.

Important note: We have arranged a 40-50% discount on the day activities in Todos Santos. The payment for these activities is direct to the local people that are offering them. We of course are available to translate. As these are local activities they are priced in USD.

We offer small group personalized tours based on 7 people or less per group. If you have a larger group you can talk to us about accommodating you. We will add a guide with more than 7 people.

We include the Grey Whale adventure from January 1st to March 15th approximately. Or we give a group credit to do the Whale Shark/Sea Lion/Balandra Adventure in other months.

We include the Coroscos tour and ranch activity. These days involve constant interaction with the residents of this small town and Diego’s family. You will be cutting sugar cane, seeing how traditional candies are made, using a scythe, visiting a stone mission at night, choosing one or two of both hikes, learning how to make wine, and much more.

We are in daily communication with our boat tour operators and our people in Cabo Pulmo. We may alter the sequence of your tour to accommodate sunny skies and low winds.

All prices are based on double or family occupancy in Todos Santos. In La Paz and Coroscos a family may be in a large suite as a family unit.

* If we can join 2 groups we will refund you $425.
** If we can join 2 small groups we will refund you to the price of the size of your total group.
*** We will not join groups to exceed 8 clients without permission.
# If your private group is larger than 7 people, we may add a guide.

11 Day Base Itinerary & Pricing

Accommodation, Transportation, Breakfasts in Todos, Meals in Coroscos, Spanish Translator available 10 AM to 8 PM as requested. Whale tours, ranch activities, and more. (Included)


Saturday Arrival (Hola)

Airport pickup – Drive Todos Santos – Stop Sea of Cortez or at Untouched Pacific Beach (Boogie Boards) Intro to our Magic Village – Welcome Dinner with our Friends – Visit the Hotel California – Live music at various venues or maybe a local party. Activities flexible depending on arrival time.


Sunday (Dia Libre en Todos Santos)

Breakfast included – Art Walk – Beaches – Activities with Friends or in local shops/venues. (Cooking class, ice cream making, Mezcal, Blanket Making, Family Temascal. All 50% Off Regular Price, or included free.)

Jewelry Demo, Yoga, Tai Chi, Zumba, Drums, Dance, Local Music (One per day Included), Historic Tour, Live Music, Festivals, Boogie Board, Local Hikes, Transport to isolated beaches included.
Spanish Translator and Guide Available.
Mountain bike guide included.


Monday (Dia Dos Todos Santos)

Breakfast included – If you haven’t already gone, then visit Los Palmira’s our secret beach or Cerritos Surf Beach; or not? – continue with the rest of the cultural interactions/activities that you didn’t do yesterday. Maybe mountain bike today. Don’t forget to relax at your hotel and maybe your pool a bit. Get a good sleep because we are getting up early.


Tuesday (Grey Whales and Coroscos)

Options for yoga retreat. All groups may customize this day.

Quick Breakfast Included – Early drive to see the Grey Whales in their protected Pacific bays (4.5 – 5 hours) – 2 to 3 hours on boat – 1.5 hr. drive to 1850s Coroscos Adobe Cobblestone Village and Traditional Lifestyle. This is an isolated mountain oasis. Special welcome with Diego and his neighbours– eat in Carla’s home – private visit to the stone mission and stone jail under the stars (4 slow kms.) Get some sleep.


Wednesday (Coroscos)

Options for yoga retreat. All groups may customize this day.

Up at six to go to the ranch. Here you will start the fire, round up the goats, milk them, make cheese, make tortillas by hand and then quesadillas over the fire on Martine’s comal. Spend the morning with Diego and his ranching family. Then he will take you to the hexagon caves and around town while he presents you to his neighbours and friends while he demonstrates their vanishing and traditional lifestyle.


Thursday (Coroscos & La Paz)

Options for yoga retreat. All groups may customize this day.

Day Two – Easy hike through most of the oasis to the source of their water – meet the winemaker who first brought alcohol to town – visit his rustic vineyard and winemaking shop (very rustic and all manual) – visit local farms and see how sugar cane is grown and made into sugar in a horse powered mill – local farming – relax in the cobblestone town – talk to the locals with your translator – more meals in their homes – drive to La Paz.


Friday (La Paz – Whale Sharks) (Note: Friday and Saturday can flip depending on your preference and on wind)

You may want to stay in your Todos Santos base and drive up for the day.

Maria California: Special Cultural Restaurant (not included) – Now you will go to swim with the whale sharks or at least hang out with them and Juan in the boat– snorkel a coral atoll w the Sea Lions – visit Balandra Bay on the Sea of Cortez. This is the amazing beach that we’ve told you about – relax at your hotel – in the evening visit the salsa dance club further down the bay (highly recommended with free salsa lessons). If you have the energy?


Saturday (La Paz – Isla Espiritu UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Up fairly early again if you are ready for Isla Espritu. If not enjoy the colonial Malecon area on the harbour with its thriving Mexican tourism, whale museum, colonial buildings, historic museums, restaurants, shops, nightclubs, Spend the day in town or just relaxing at the hotel and pool/local beaches – after all of this action in Coroscos and La Paz this week, you very well may want to.


Sunday Relax and Drive to Option 1, 2, 3 or 4

Check out time will depend on your flight and whether we have time to stop at the springs/thermal pools (2 hour return drive plus 2 to 3 hours at the pools) – see sites tab – sleep in the van on the drive to the airport in Todos Santos (2 hrs).


Monday/Tuesday Choose your Adventure

Option 1: Two days/nights in Cabo Pulmo

Sunday late morning drive to Cabo Pulmo w stop at springs/thermal pools – Monday Cabo Pulmo – Tuesday Cabo Pulmo and Airport

Diving – incredible snorkeling by boat (Especially if you did not visit Isla Espritu) – Humpback Whale watching – excellent snorkeling by boat – kayak rentals – deserted beaches – fishing – scuba diving – this option ensures that you get to go to the springs/thermal pools. Note: It is windy season in January and February at Cabo Puil and diving and kayaking cannot be guaranteed. Tuesday leave for airport. None of these activities/excursions are included in your package price. View Highlights.

Option 2: One night Todos Santos and one night camping excursion in the Sierra Laguna Biosphere

Sunday night Todos Santos – Monday morning hike and camp – Tuesday hike down and to airport (Must have late evening flight)

You will need to rent mules for the ascent or at least a pack mule and then hike 5 hours. We provide camping equipment and food if you choose to go with Chito on this excursion. We also provide translation, a guide/host and you may ask one or some of your new friends from Todos Santos to join you. We get you a 10 % discount with Chito. View Highlights.

Option 3: One Night Todos Santos and 1 night camping at the Springs and Thermal Pools

Sunday Night Todos Santos – Monday Night Camping – Tuesday Los Cabos and Airport

We will supply all of the food and camping equipment. We include great air mattresses. There is a $35 per person transportation fee because we have to hire a driver and van from another supplier and for an extra day. View Highlights.

Option 4: Two extra nights in Todos Santos: We are hoping to be able to offer homestays and school visits soon.

Sunday night in Todos Santos – Monday Todos – Tuesday Todos and Airport

Sunday: You may still want to do the full Whale Shark/Balandra tour or Isla Espiritu if you haven’t yet. So this option allows for that and a late return to Todos Santos. Or you can return early to Todos Santos.

Monday: Your second day is in Todos Santos and the surrounding Pacific Beaches – art galleries and town – more activities with your Mexican friends – beach hike to Playa Coyote – Cerritos beach – floor hockey – beach volleyball ? – much to choose from. Tuesday to Los Cabos and the airport.. View Highlights.


We can create the perfect custom tour for you and your group, visit our Custom Tours page to start planning your adventure.


11 Day Option – Family and Friends: Culture & Adventure Based in Todos Santos & Coroscos

Customize your 11 Day Adventure Tour

Experience a memorable 11 Day Baja Vacation. The flexibility is in the options with the 11 day format. You can decide on how you want to add on to the 9 day format. Now you can add in Cabo Pulmo and its truly special hard coral reef and protected bay. Camping at the springs, hiking the biosphere and more time in Todos Santos are all suggested. We will consult regarding your choices in this package