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Groups of 7 or Less

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Adventure, Culture and a Personal Experience – We organize unique attractions and custom activities. We focus on convenience and comfort.

1. Likely no one else will do this

Baja. What is the number one reason to choose Baja Tours Mexico for your next Guided Tour? The people you meet are our long term friends and social group. You will meet them personally in their homes, shops and at the welcome dinner. This is in addition to the real and genuine activities you will do together with them.

We are not a chain. We do not offer tours on large buses with 20 to 40 people. The small group size and translator allows you to truly spend time conversing and interacting with the people that we will introduce you to.  You can genuinely interact with whoever you choose to meet.

2. Likely no one else can do this:

We provide a luxury vacation, interaction with nature, and presentation of off the path sites on all of our Guided Tours in Mexico. We combine these elements while presenting the real non touristed Mexican Baja. Along with our genuine friends we somehow pamper you at the same time.

3. We have logistics on our side:

With groups of 7 or less we can give everything a personal touch. See note #1.

4. We are flexible:

Our policy is to be your hosts and accommodate your chosen activities, dates …. Etc. As a family run company of two plus friends, we are not bound by corporate policy and cookie cutter training. This is your perfect opportunity to experience the real Mexico!

5. Variety:

As well as the incredible landscapes, isolated beaches, multiple sites and marine life you will see, we focus on cultural interaction so that you meet Mexican people from all walks of life: ranchers, painters, , housewives, boat captains, architects, teachers, hippies, jewelers, artists children… etc.. We present a variety of sites ranging from the city of La Paz and the tiny refurbished gold mining town of Triunfo to the natural springs with a population of one.

6. Private translator. Private transportation.

No further comment.

7. Six years:

We have chosen to live and explore here for six years so our goal is to share what we have discovered: the people, the boat captain that we love, the galleries we prefer, the hidden virtually non-populated spots that we have found, and more.

Logistics and Price

  • We include beautiful boutique hotel accommodation where you can relax.
  • We provide total transportation and our included meals are cooked by our Mexican friends.
  • We can offer activities and excursions at our cost because we created these activities with our friends and provide them exclusively for only a few small local hotels.
  • Included whale tour, Coroscos tour, private guide/host/translator, all transportation, airport pick up, many meals snorkel gear, boogie boards, turtle release activity, ranch visits, historic tour, 9 or more activities at cost (nominal fees) or free, yoga, mountain bike guide, possible school visit, tai chi, cross fit, tennis, We include as much free as possible unlike cruise ships, bus tours and anything outside of a hotel.
  • We are not a corporation. We are a husband and wife company so we can specialize for each customer. Our overall price is fantastic. In fact our prices may often be lower than accommodation alone.



Wall of travelers

  • Couldn't be happier with the experience, going to Coroscos and meeting amazing people from Mexico was very fun and enriching.

  • We swam with whale sharks, we had a great time with great guides, felt safe and well prepared as well as the food was amazing. The private beach we went to was one of the most beautiful places we have ever been. Our driver and hosts sere wonderful. I would recommend this to anyone, We took our two year old as well and our baby. Wow.

    707camerond Tofino, Canada
  • We did a one day cruise in La Paz. My husband swam with the whale sharks/Sea Lions and I watched all the activity from the boat. We had an excellent lunch on the beach and met fellow tour participants from the US and Mexico. We also had a cooking class with Diana and Raquel. The food was delicious and we took some mole sauce home to share with friends. Our guide, Kevin, was a lot of fun and we enjoyed sharing our time with him. We plan on bringing our adult children and young grandchildren on a tour next year!

    kate863 Helena, Montana