Attractions in Todos Santos

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The main Attractions in Todos Santos are what? Pacific beaches, nature hikes, local desert ranch visits, surfing, boogie boarding the beach oasis of Las Palmitas, turtle releases almost daily from mid-October to mid-April. Oops this is just the surrounding area.

The Magic Village and The Historic Site

In town you will find UNESCO World Heritage buildings from the 1800s to the early 1900s. Todos Santos is a Magic Village designate. The Mexican Tourism Department chooses small colonial villages and towns to invest in and restore for tourists. One of these historic buildings is the original Hotel California which draws 1000s of tourists from Los Cabos every season as a day destination.

Attractions in Todos Santos

But a day here in Todos Santos is a mistake. It takes three days to just get a feel for what it offers and to make you want to come back again for weeks. The town is full of local Mexican and international artists, painters, musicians and a few local dance venues. In fact, it is also known as an artist’s colony and for good reason. In a town of only 4000 Mexicans and some Gringo’s on the outskirts you will find galleries and workshops hidden and not so hidden all around town.


Attractions in Todos Santos

Yoga and much more

On the tropic of Cancer Todos Santos also draws a small yet wonderfully diverse yoga community. In the local community center, yoga studio you will find classes on Tai Chi, Brazilian Dance, Cross Fit, Karate, Dance Art Interpretation, a regular and world renowned Daoist speaker and meditation leader, and of course lots of yoga. This is not a full listing.

Other attractions in Todos Santos

Next door you will be invited to a Reggae Concert every month in season. Todos Santos holds the Todos Santos Music Festival for 6 to 8 days in February or late January. The venue, Tres Morenas a wonderful bar, restaurant, dance venue in a two level tropical former art gallery. The main venue is the courtyard of the Hotel California and other local boutique restaurants and courtyards.

Another attractions in Todos Santos are the Artisan markets which feature a mix of Mexican and imported artisans. These are local events and not always found by the quick tourist. These markets, Cuban dance nights, small salsa events, surfers and off road enthusiasts or fans of the Baja 500 make this mix almost endless in variety.

Attractions in Todos Santos

Artisan Markets

Todos Santos

It is exciting yet after eight you may find the streets very quiet. Boutique hotels and entrepreneurs running bed and breakfasts offer luxury. Empty beaches nearby offer water thrills and natural beauty. The Sea of Cortez an hour away surpasses the Cancun area. Both are beautiful but the Cortez is more diverse and not developed.

The point is that if you meet the locals, and the artists and the beaches and all of the above you will have a diverse holiday experience. Todos Santos is in the Mexican Baja 1.5 hours north of the airport in Los Cabos. It is incredible and unique in our modern world. It remains small and locals offer small activities. Todos Santos was a resort destination from its founding by the Jesuits. It then became Mexico’s wealthiest sugar cane plantation in the 1850 – 1950 era. The opportunity is big. Todos Santos is one of Mexico’s top 5 beach towns in the country. If you want to learn more about the attractions in Todos Santos, read our post 25 thing to do in the Baja.