Weather in Todos Santos in the Winter

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The weather in Todos Santos is strongly affected by the Pacific Ocean currents, producing seasonal variations. It is a microclimate and you can count on 25 to 28 for January and February; maybe even 22 twice a year. The temperature is between 26 to 30 in November, December, March and early April. By the first week of April in Todos Santos, the earliest of the Canadian snowbirds and other foreign ex-pats in the area start going home. It is about to get hot. Almost all of them are gone by the end of the month.

On the Sea of Cortez side, the winter weather temperatures are often in the mid to low 30s for November, December, March and April. They are usually in the high 20s low 30s in January and February. La Paz and Los Cabos are spring break destinations. They are always hot!

Waves and Wind in Todos Santos

Weather in todos Santos, waves and wind

Weather in todos Santos, waves and wind

In Todos Santos and the Pacific Side it is breezy but they are gentle and friendly breezes. A real windy day is less frequent from November to May.

The Sea of Cortez is windier in Cabo Pasqua and snorkeling or whale watching from the boats can be cancelled due to the wind. We will still show you the sites for snorkeling from the beach. We do have some wind protected sites from the shore.

There is no surfing or boogie boarding in the La Paz and Cabo Pulmo areas. These are swimming, snorkeling and kayaking beaches because the Sea of Cortez has no break. The Pacific side has the waves and the beaches are either for surfing, swimming and boogie boarding, or you simply can’t go in. Only one bay near Todos Santos is calm and sheltered but it requires an hour hike.

Weather in Todos Santos at night

Weather in todos Santos at night

Weather in todos Santos at night

During winter time nights can be cool to chilly in the desert. So it is a great idea to bring a sweater or jacket with your beach clothes. A great website to checkout the temperatures for the next days in Todos Santos is Theweathernetwork.

In our small town of Todos Santos we are full of artists, painters, sculptors, other practitioners of art, musicians and yoga instructors.

We have a 9 day music festival in February organized by Peter Buck formerly of R.E.M.. This is followed by our film festival attended by the Golden Globes as of 2014. We also have a weekend gastronomic celebration of Todos Santos’ restaurants.

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