25 Things to Do in the Baja – Part two

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25 Top Things to Do in the Baja – Spectacular Baja Part Two

As noted in Part one of this Blog, there is just too much to do in the Baja to limit it to this not so magic number of 25. After only 800 words, a second mention has to go to the Sea of Cortez or as ocean researcher and marine scientist Jacque Cousteau put it, the world’s aquarium. The Sea of Cortez is the most diversely populated sea in the world, with the highest number of marine species. And its coastlines are largely empty of development and full of secrets.

Jacque Cousteau’s’ Aquarium: Spectacular Marine Life: Grey Whale Sanctuaries – Humpback Whales– Swim/snorkel with Whale Sharks and Sea Lions, visit an adult turtle bay and watch the babies be released on a Todos Santos beach, jumping Manta Rays, friendly Dolphins swim with your Panga, Pelicans observing and swirls of herring  jumping, the blue footed booby birds and a school of flashing silver jacks under you kayak.


Things to do in the Baja

Cabo Pulmo

List of things to do in the Baja

# 11 Visit the secrets of the Cortez including coral reefs undisturbed by humans and the spectacular beaches that aren’t in the brochures and aren’t surrounded by hotels. Snorkel a secluded reef or kayak Balandra Bay and relax in one the world’s most beautiful lagoons. Neither should have any tourist infrastructure

#12 Take a cooking class in the home of a local Todos Santos resident.

#13 Visit a struggling school and share a book with the wonderful kids who are starving to read.

#14 Hike and Swim Canyon San Dipietro following the creek in this uninhabited landscape.

#15 Explore and swim in Cabo Pascua Bay with North America’s only hard coral reef. Fully protected and at 100% bio capacity. Kayak and swim with schools of fish from big to small.

#16 Camp or spend the day at an inland oasis hot springs, 100 metres from a cold rock pool on the same stream. Population 1 person.

#17 Surf and boogie board at Cerrito’s Surf Beach on the Pacific.

#18 Do a Mezcal tasting with an Aztec drum and dance teacher.

#19 Go Salsa dancing at Stella’s Latin Dance Club!

# 20 Learn to make a Mexican Blanket on a traditional wooden loom and spindle with Justina.

#21 Visit the Colonial Area and Malecon (Seaside Promenade) of La Paz – The Mexican Los Cabos.

#22 Take an ice cream making class, in Spanish, with Antonio in his shop.

#23 Visit Las Palapas Beach on the Pacific near Todos Santos.

#24 Sunset Turtle Release at Todos Santos.

#25 Eat at the boutique restaurants of Todos Santos.

Last 10 on a list of 35 of things to do in The Baja:

  • Take a Temascal (sweat lodge) provided by a charming indigenous matriarch and her family.
  • Hike the Pacific Cliffs above Punto Lobos or up a unique canyon with a disappearing waterfall.
  • Take in the final weekend or all of the Todos Santos Music Festival.
  • Play floor hockey with your Mexican friends and families.
  • Visit the whale museum in La Paz.
  • Go dancing or take in live music in small venues in Todos Santos.
  • Hike, mule, or horseback to camp up at the Sierra Laguna Mountain Biosphere, a natural forest phenomenon, high above the desert and the Pacific.
  • Hang out, talk with, or have a drink with the Mexican people that you will meet in the Baja.
  • Take an art walk and visit the local artisan shops and galleries in Todos Santos while you visit with the artists.
  • Scuba dive the reef at the little village of Cabo Pascua (90 people)

More must be said to describe the wonders of Todos Santos (Magic Village Designate. Artist’s colony and Historic Sites) and of Coroscos and short but secret treks to the surrounding desert canyons, pools and streams at the heart of the peninsula.

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