Real Mexican Cultural Interaction


During your adventure you’ll meet our friends and get to experience some amazing Mexican Culture. Below are some of the friendly faces you’ll meet on your journey.

Raquel Aguilar & Family

Raquel is one of our favorite people and is often the chef for our cooking class. She is super active dancing, playing football/soccer and looking after her family of 5 or more.

Diego & Family

Diego’s and his family live in a small desert oasis which likely looks much like it did in 1900. His uncle and aunt live on a very humble and traditional ranch much like many ranchers in the Baja still do. They make their own cheese, tortillas and quesadillas. You can too. Diego’s has showed us a great hike up to the hexagon caves in the area, which includes a view of the semi- arid desert and the small oasis below.


Roger, Aris, Tonali & Many Others

  • Roger is the leader of the local chapter of Water Keepers (An International Organization with the goal to protect fresh water sources. He may also be your driver.
  • Aris is the phys-ed teacher at the school in Pescadero where we work to buy books and supplies and where we also teach phys-ed and reading. Tonali is their 7 year old son.
  • We have a few other friends that you will likely meet at our welcome dinner or around town.

Alfonso Segovia: Architect and Home Builder

An accomplished architect, Alfonso studied in Guadalajara attending the Universidad de Guadalajara from 1994 to 1999. He graduated with his degree in architecture. He then studied in Mexico City gaining a Masters in Visual Arts. He moved to Todos Santos in 2007 and began designing homes and gardens for expats from the United States, Canada and other countries. He continues to work helping foreigners and Mexican nationals to realize their custom home projects. Alfonso is also a sculptor and artist.


Justina & Margarito

Justina and her husband Magarito have been living in the Todos Santos area for generations. They have seven children and 27 grand-children, who all still live with her. Justina was Kevin’s first yoga student, and we are so happy that you will be able to meet her during the blanket activity. Justina will look after you personally as she shares their little family temascal (traditional sweat lodge).



Chito took our first client up to the Sierra Laguna Biosphere with Kevin four years ago. He, along with 31 ranchers, are responsible for looking after this incredible mountain biosphere, which provides all of the natural water for the state of Baja California Sur. You need to meet Chito and maybe visit his ranch at the foot of the mountains where it was originally settled in the early 1700s.


Doña Bertha

You may or may not meet Bertha but either way she is a very important member of our family. She represents as well as any of us, the idea of our tours in the Baja. The idea is that we want you to meet Mexico, not just the landscape and the beaches but also the people.