# of Travellers Price per Each
Groups of 8 to 14

Personalized and Reduced

Groups of 4 to 7

Reasonable Custom Pricing Based on Options Chosen

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Yoga – Adventure – Culture
Based in the “Magic Village” of Todos Santos
And 1850s Coroscos or RBV Garden Retreat Center

We provide a selection of meal options including eating with our local friends and visiting the numerous local boutique restaurants in our magic village. At your second base we offer fresh vegetarian meals straight from the garden (international seed bank project. We sometimes invite private chefs to your hotel in the Todos Santos base. Other options that you may want to try are local teachers, a Jaya Yoga Band, Energy Work, Dance/Meditation/Yoga Fusion, Tai Chi, Chi gong, Cross Fit on the beach …. Etc.

You will be going to swim with the Whale Sharks near Malaga, the Sea Lions at a small reef and to picnic on an amazing boat accessible Sea of Cortez beach location. We relax at the undeveloped Santa Rita oasis canyon, hot springs and cool pools in the middle of nowhere and with zero population. Check out our excursions and activities based in Todos Santos “Magic Village.


Saturday Arrival (Hola)

Airport pickup – Drive Todos Santos – Stop Sea of Cortez or at Untouched Pacific Beach (Boogie Boards) Intro to our Magic Village – Welcome Dinner with our Friends – Activities flexible depending on arrival time. Evening yoga before sleep.


Breakfast included – Morning Yoga and short meditation.

Sunday (Dia Libre en Todos Santos)

Go to the beaches. Cerritos surf beach today. Art Walk– Activities with Friends or in local shops/venues. (Cooking class, ice cream making, Mezcal, Blanket Making, Family Temascal, Tour the town.
Jewelry Demo, Local Yoga, Tai Chi, Zumba, Drums, Local Music (One per day Included for those with entry fee), Historic Tour, Live Music, Festivals, Boogie Board.
Evening Meal at Los Adobes – Fine Mexican Cuisine (Best restaurant in Todos Santos)


Breakfast included – Evening Yoga

Monday (Dia Dos Todos Santos)

Visit Los Palmira’s our secret beach hiking the Pacific Cliffs to arrive to picnic lunch… or not. You choose? Arrive by backroads by vehicle, continue with the rest of the cultural interactions/activities that you didn’t do yesterday. Don’t forget to relax at your hotel and maybe your pool a bit. Get a good sleep because we are getting up early.


Breakfast at Maria California – Evening Yoga

Tuesday: (Whale Shark, Sea Lion, Sea of Cortez Full Day Excursion)

Maria California: Special Cultural Restaurant (not included) – Now you will go to swim with the whale sharks or at least hang out with them and Juan in the boat– snorkel a coral atoll w the Sea Lions – visit Balandra Bay on the Sea of Cortez. This is the amazing beach that we’ve told you about. Evening meal. Evening Wood Fired Clay Pot Taco bar with multiple fillings at “La Generala” Help make your own tortillas


Breakfast Included – Yoga Workshop Day in the Courtyard and at the Beach

Wednesday (Yoga Teaching – Mini Workshops 5 to 6 hrs)

Meditation and Pranayama teaching.

Yoga posture corrections and assists, yoga class, acro yoga,

Yoga teachings: Styles, benefits, purpose Schools of thought, yamas, brief history etc.

3 – 4 beach break day or town tourist time or enjoy the pool and hotel. Or combine.


All Meals Included – Breakfast, Picnic, Dinner
Evening Short Yoga Class Option

Thursdsay – SWITCH SITES  to HIerba Buena or Cabo Pulmo

(Hot Springs, Cool Pools, Oasis Canyon)

We are taking you into the heart of the mountains and desert to enjoy this unpopulated oasis stream and canyon including. 10 minutes or less between the 2 pools and it is one of the most beautiful 10 minutes you can imagine. Then we will spend the evening at your second home the Rancho Buena Ventura international seed bank and Garden Retreat.


All meals included from the garden.
Evening Yoga Class Option
Amazing walk between sites

Friday (Cabo Pulmo UNESCO World Heritage Site: Snorkeling options – Humpback whale watching in season, Kayak, Short Hike on the Coastal Ridge Shoreline)

Cabo Pulmo is recognized as a World Hope Spot and includes the only hard coral reef in North America. It is fully protected, recovered and teeming with marine life. The 100 or so local residents have fought to preserve the entire 3 mile long bay and reef. Snorkel by boat or from Arbolitos Beach (gear free for beach snorkeling). Take an amazing short hike to


All Meals Included. Day details to be come.

Saturday (Downtime to spending the garden of Kitzia – Massage time – Gardening option – Pranayama, Meditation – Evening activity for Group)


In a tour with Kitzia. Some days start by crushing a leaf of the curry tree and opening your senses to explore the garden by listening, observing, tasting, smelling and touching a great diversity of plants from many tropical and subtropical regions of the world including Africa, Australia and South America.

Relax and enjoy your morning in the garden. There are a few beach options near Los Cabos and the airport here. Whether each individual can make it will depend on their flights. We can discuss our options based on flights and time.

Buena Fortuna Botanical Gardens

A living genealogy seed bank and training center, La Ribera on the Sea of Cortez, Baja California Sur (BCS), Mexico.


Sunday (Morning in the Gardens, Other, Airport Return (1.5 hours)

We may even make a stop at a last beach near Los Cabos and the airport but this will depend on flight times and may only apply to some participants.


We can create the perfect custom tour for you and your group, visit our Custom Tours page to start planning your adventure.

Note: We can add accommodation for only $45 each/ night in Todos Santos on arrival or at La Paz on departure.



Accommodation and Shelter? Included. See Accommodation Todos Santos and Accommodation Yoga Base 2
How do we get there? (Airport pick up and drop off)
How do we get around (multiple vehicles, boat, off road requirements and maybe kayak)

What do we eat?

Welcome dinner with Raquel. Cooking class option with Raquel, Authentic Mexican Breakfasts with Raquel.
Savory or desert breakfast with Abigail, Marlin Escabeche and Ceviche on the beach catered by boat, Picnic on the beach at Las Palmas.
Pura Vida – Vegetarian Bohemian Café
Exploring the restaurants of the Magic Village of Todos Santos for Supper
Possible guest chefs
All organic from our international garden at our second stop (International Gardens)

What is there to do? (Lots!! Yoga, meditation, Whale Shark – Sea Lion – Escabeche on the Sea of Cortez Kayak Balandra Day Excursion, Optional Activities (, Nature, Whale Watching at the beach, Arroyo Trek at Los Naranjos Desert Hot springs and Cool Pools.

Natural canyon exploration/treks, oasis, beaches, surfing, boogie boards, snorkeling ……YOGA!

Who wants to do what? Options: (Cooking class, blanket making, ice cream class, Family Temascal for two at a time, boogie boards, kayaking at Balandra, surfing for the reckless (haha – Everyone says that Cerritos is a great place to learn but I beg to differ unless you are talking about every day for at least a year)

Who will we meet? (Juan and Santos and Juan’s son, (boat captain and guide), Raquel’s family and a few of their friends at the welcome dinner and around town, Justina, Antonio, Guest teachers? Abigailli the tea girl), Diana from Colombia will be a host, Marilyn at Flora del Mar?.Kitzia and others at the international seed bank retreat site. LOCAL MEXICAN FRIENDS OF OURS.

“I wish that I could speak Spanish!”
Don’t forget this trip will include two translators (Kevin and/or Diana) to accompany whenever needed or requested.

Dear Yoga Teacher or Retreat Planner,

I have been teaching Yoga in Todos Santos Mexico for 5 winter seasons now. Mostly I teach to my friends here as this was part of my original strategy to learn Spanish. After 6 years in the setting of our “Magic Village Designate” – “UNESCO World Heritage Site/s” Pacific Beach Oasis and the Sea of Cortez, I started offering activities and excursions to small boutique hotels and Bed & Breakfast Owners.

I still go to 4 or 5 classes per week with various teachers. The result of all this is that we have decided to offer services to yoga teachers to plan retreats for them. Wonderful cooks and great yoga guest teachers, the Jaya Kirtan Mantra and funky dance band, tai chi, etc. We’d like to help you bring a group to see us and practice yoga. And as a bonus we will invite you to read, or teach yoga to or paint with our kids at school where I teach physical education and reading. (See $200 Book Club)

Let me know if I miss anything. I’m sure that I will, but I always like to think this way. It’s a big camping trip!

Yoga Logistics

We give you options as to location, meals and accommodation. We include all transport to and around your base site, usually with multiple vehicles so that your guests can choose different options.  We like to include  a few of our local yoga studios, in Todos Santos, on points above the Pacific Bluffs, on Beaches, and at our selected accommodations. We usually include the Dzogchen Buddhist Mountain retreat for at least 3 of your days. Our main base for activities is Todos Santos.

Full day on the Sea of Cortez Swimming with the Whale Sharks and Sea Lions – Marlin Escabeche on the Sea of Cortez and Kayaking at Iconic Balandra Bay. This will interrupt your yoga schedule for the best part of one day. Other days will incorporate many options for activities and local nature. Some days are for yoga and for rest.

Final itineraries must be flexible in order to take into account what your yoga students want to participate in. We must think about many details from whales to weather to high season pricing and availability. We work directly with you our local friends and a few travel agents to manage these details for your group. We can consider larger groups. We always provide at least one host/guide/translator for every 7 participants.

Thank you so much for your time. We look forward to talking to you.